Samcedes Fanfic Cliches

Little things about stories featuring one of the best Glee ships that drive us a little insane, or just make us laugh. Submissions are highly encouraged. Besides, it's all in good fun!

We have a bunch of SFCs in the queue, but we’re still accepting more! Thanks for liking the photos and following the blog.

Once again, it’s all for a laugh. It doesn’t have to be things that annoy you, just common themes in Samcedes fanfics, or stuff you really like, either about a particular fic or just in general.

Let’s be real, the Samcedes ship has THE most talented bunch of writers.

—A & Em.

Anonymous asked: What do you mean by cliches? Are they all bad things?

Nope. Some are gripes/complaints and others are just things that are funny/cool that pop up often in many of the fics. Like the last one, don’t think anyone would ever complain about Chord’s slurping skills. Dem lips, though. —A

Also, that well-endowed one…I’ve seen his other pics. All Hail King Dick Chord!

Anonymous asked: Bana is the Cookie Mastermind.

Agreed. We will always be here for Bana’s Cookies and Quamcedes.